A time for recollection…

Today’s the final day of the liturgical season of Advent. The past four weeks have been a time of expectation in preparation for the celebration of the incarnation of the Savior on that Christmas day 2000 or so odd years ago.

That means that tomorrow, we enter into the liturgical season of Christmas and that will continue on for another week or so until Epiphany before the church goes back into a period of “ordinary” time before Lent, Holy Week and Easter.

My prayer is that you all have a blessed, fun and happy Christmas Day tomorrow (no matter if you are a Christian or not, something which has been echoed a lot in all Malaysian newspapers that I’ve read during this week) and that you have a great New Year.

Those of you who are Christian, may the peace of Christ be with you and your families tomorrow and henceforth.

I’m looking forward to going to Wesley Methodist Church here in Seremban tomorrow morning for the Christmas Day service at 8am.

On another note, this will be the last post before I hit Australian soil again on Wednesday so to all the folks at CMCA-EMP who read this (I know some of you are lurkers), I’m looking forward to being back with you all next week again in Brissie for the last service of 2006 (which for me sadly, isn’t a watchnight service at 11pm at church on 31 December).

Pax and blessings be in +,
bf 2150hrs (MST)


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