Meditation for the 17th January 2007

After watching Die Grosse Stille (“Into Great Silence”) last weekend and reading Nancy Klein Macguire‘s An Infinity of Little Hours: Five Young Men and Their Trial of Faith in the Western World’s Most Austere Monastic Order, the thought on my mind for most of this week has been this:

Note: images downloaded from the Carthusian Order’s webpage and re-uploaded to my own Photobucket account to prevent bandwith use from their webserver.

Given that this week, I’ve been primarily silent for most of the time outside of work, in a certain aspect, I’ve experienced a minute amount of the solitude which the Carthusian monks, nuns, brothers and sisters experience daily as part of their vocation.

The Latin motto of the Carthusian Order, “STAT CRUX DUM VOLVITUR ORBIS” means in English, “The Cross stands firm while the world moves on”. And it’s precisely this that I’ve been thinking about in my off-time this week.

In other news, big few weekends coming up ahead. Going to the reception dinner (representing my parents and myself) this Sat night for Amy & George’s wedding (which was held last Sunday in Melbourne), then next Saturday is the rehearsal for Nelson’s wedding followed by Nelson’s wedding the weekend after that.

Now back to the silence of this room (apart from the noise of the aircon and computer fans going) for the rest of the night. The Great Silence begins shortly for me…

Pax in +,
bf 2223hrs


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