New beginning

Last week I was contacted by the team leader of a team that I was in during my 4-year cadetship at work. I was offered a chance to go back and work there at the same APS level that I currently am as someone from that team is leaving on to greener(?) pastures in another area of public service relatively soon. I jumped at the chance. The only hitch was whether my current team would release me.

My team leader knew that I would go back to this area of the Office if I got the chance to (we talked about it last year in my 2006 year performance review) and she was prepared to release me even though she didn’t want to because she did tell me that my presence in the team would be missed (most notably my computer system skills apparently as well as my ability to ferret intelligence out from the smallest item of information I had on me). My director was the next hurdle. He expressed similar concerns about me leaving but he was prepared to let me go as well to gain further experience in the Office and if possible in the future, to come back to my present team and utilize whatever learnings (ugh, now I’m speaking business/management English, a garbled bastard of English) I had retained in this area of the Office that I was going to. This was last Wednesday, before Good Friday & Pascha.

I came back to work this morning (prior to a training session on Australian International Financial Reporting Standards, ugh!) and found a very nice surprise in my email inbox as well as my voicemail inbox. The new beginning happens relatively soon (around the end of the financial year, so around uni exam time). Certainly am looking forward to going back to see my old colleagues in that team and the work challenges that my new position will pose to me. As if I don’t have to know about the standards of income tax law (ss 6-5 & 8-1 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, UCA, CGT, loss recoupment tests [COT & SBT], etc) I am going to have to brush up on other areas of law that I haven’t looked at in 3 or so years: namely Petroleum Rent & Resources Tax, Mining/Resources law, the National Tax Equivalents Regime, Part X of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936, transfer pricing, the Thin Capitalisation rules and the debt/equity rules among other things that I don’t precisely recall at the moment. One thing I definitely won’t miss having to look at is Division 7A (particularly s109UB and Sub-Div EA of Div 7A) in the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936

The other thing that I’m trying to not think about is the opportunities for promotion (internally within that particular business line). While my current team is possibly the best that I’ve had in the 6 and a quarter years I’ve been in the Office (we’re a bunch of great characters), promotional opportunities are limited for what I can see in the forseeable future as well as training/skilling/CPD opportunities too (through no fault of my director and team leader though). I’m taking this as a big blessing (that I utterly do not deserve) from the One above and I’m gonna have to make the most out of it rather than have a “sit back, bludge and she’ll be right” attitude. Now I just have to finish off my current work so I leave my current team “relatively” clean.

This Lenten/Easter season for 2007 has been full of surprises, good and bad. Thank you Lord.

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