Events at Virginia Tech

Heart dropped this morning when I heard the news on the radio and saw the news reports. =(

Will be offering prayers for those who lost their lives amongst the gunfire tonight. And not only them, but also those who were injured too. Makes me really question why on earth gun laws are relatively relaxed in the USA when things like this are beginning to happen with greater frequency (even if such events happen only on a small scale). And why the NRA continues to hold such sway in the halls of power-broking in the Beltway…

Hope that the Aussies studying at Virginia Tech weren’t amongst the deceased or injured and that DFAT confirms and relays the good news that all are alive to their worried families here in Australia quick.

To those who died, requiescat in pace.

+ bf 2157hrs


One thought on “Events at Virginia Tech”

  1. yeaaa those poor families…
    worst thing when i heard …was that it was a 23yo ASIAN boy that committed the suicide/murders 😦

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