Happy St. Brendan’s Day

6th Wednesday in Eastertide / Feast of St. Brendan
One day before Ascension Day

Well, well, well. It’s the feast of St. Brendan today, my namesake (as far as I know, Brendan along with Brennan, Brandon, Branden, Brenden along with another few variants are all derived from the same Irish name). See the link in yesterday’s post to the Wikipedia article on him if you are interested in who the heck he was (or who mythology suggests him to be). So a Happy St. Brendan’s day to all of you. Patron of navigators/voyagers and the like, I think there’s a certain aspect of him in me.

I guess what people say about names may be right after all. He was himself a monk; there’s an inner monastic nature within this layperson. Just as he sailed the seas of the world to evangelize as God called him to do in his life, I’m sailing the seas of study and theology that appear (at this present moment) to be where God is leading me into; in spite of my numerous failings, somehow He’s still guiding me through it even though I don’t deserve it. This is an interesting life.


I was reading about Dr. Francis Beckwith’s recent re-entrance into communion with the Roman Catholic church after a few decades in the Reformed branch of Evangelicalism and how polemical some of the comments on his blog post were (from Protestants). But to be fair, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mentioned that there was a tone of triumphalism from some Roman Catholic commenters too (something I think Pope John XXIII or Pope Paul VI warned about at the Second Vatican Council, I forget where in the documents, but I’ve seen it somewhere before).

All I can say is that I wish him and his family well and that my prayers are with them. May God continue to use him mightily in reformation of the Church at large. Seems like I’m going through a similar process as he went through with regards to Scripture, Justification, the Church Fathers and what not. Who knows. God may keep me here within this denomination in the Protestant branch of the church to work for ecumenism amongst all Christians. Or He may not. Life’s funny like that.

On that note, back to this research paper. I’m hating it, but it has to be done. Has to be.

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