What a (long-ish) weekend

Trinity Sunday

It all started on Friday afternoon where there was a tinge of sadness at having to say a Clayton’s goodbye (the goodbye you’re saying when you’re not really saying goodbye) to my old team (in S&ME) at work. I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of people to have worked with over the past two and a half years. Thankfully, they’re only just down the road at CP1 so I can still go over there occasionally to torture Ivan with Tony, Anita & Amy’s help. Hehe hehe. Ivan, just kidding if you read this. =P

Fast forward to yesterday and it was someone’s wedding. Namely “Sukinordna” (Pen) and Huaiky’s. Throat managed to get enough rest so Sola Gratia’s performance of that old swing/American songbook standard, “For Once In My Life” (made famous by both Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra and most recently, Michael Bublé) turned out fairly decently. Uncle Wid’s gonna get me a copy of our performance somehow (prolly will end up downloading it from YouSendIt or someplace like that).

Pen was looking snappy in a white suit and Huaiky in her bridal gown was simply gorgeous. You couldn’t have asked for a better looking couple at all. As for the bridemaids (Ashley, Ally & Shihui) & groomsmen (Nick, Zef & Fong), they were all looking suitably stylish.

Fast forward a couple of hours later and I was back at church (after rushing home for a shower and a change into casual clothes) for choir practice before heading off to The Sebel at about 5:20pm-ish straight from church. Got there at about 5:40 so had the PA gear handed over to Zef by then. The rest of the night was great.

Plenty of “tink-tink-tink-ing” of glassware that I think Pen & Huaiky did get sick of it. I think Pen might have mentioned to me at Amy’s wedding reception that more than likely the Sydney MYF crew would be doing that to him on his night. First one of the evening, came from their table. More fun and drinking continued (the regular three clowns got pissed again though I think they found a new recruit too).

On to today and another busy day. Church in morning. Lunch with the rellies after church (now including Paul ko-ko) before LCEC meeting at 2pm and now it’s 6pm and I’m getting ready to head over to the Lim residence for youth camp committee meeting. Virtually no me time (apart from the times when I’m on the john). Am looking forward to sleeping tonight.

Just have to remember tomorrow morning that I have to walk to the correct office. Now begins another chapter in my working life. Here’s to working in LB&I for the next few years before I maybe move section again. Hope that I’ll have some interesting work available for me there (apart from what I’ve heard around the grapevine).

Until then, I need to brush my teeth now.

+ bf 1810hrs


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