Safari for Windows

2nd Thursday after Pentecost

Yes, I know. I’m on a Windows XP computer and I’m now running the public beta (v3) of Apple’s Safari browser.

On one hand, it’s working fairly well. This is my first blog from within the browser itself. Rendering of pages is super-smooth and fast. Much better than IE, Opera & Firefox. One minor annoyance: adding links to text here in this “new post” page doesn’t work on a WYSIWYG basis (have to manually edit the underlying code to insert a link). Browser itself is nice and minimal in its styling. Very cool.

I have a feeling that I’ll probably use Safari more for general web browsing but that Firefox will continue to be my default browser for doing other tasks on the web. And heck, one of these days in the relatively near future, I might just very well go and get me a Macbook to replace this ageing (5+ years and counting) Windows computer that I built with the help of another techie/geek friend.

At least this Apple application installs properly on my computer (of which the same can’t be said for iTunes and Quicktime; thank God for Quicktime Alternative and VLC Media Player).

Time for a shower now. Feeling somewhat knocked about like I’ve gone a couple of rounds with Ali. This cold I have currently has hit me with a vengeance.

+ bf 1722hrs

edit: Another minor annoyance, posting on WordPress from within the Windows version of the Safari browser itself does not mean that what one enters is how the post displays after it is published. A minor annoyance to what is one helluva beta version.


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