Another chapter of life over

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First up, it’s official. One more chapter of my life is over. And on a better note than I thought would be.

I’m talking about post-graduate study here. Although results aren’t “officially” released by email until 9am tomorrow and 6pm tomorrow on myUNSW (Friday the 13th of July), UNSW seem to start sending email notifications to students out the afternoon before. Which means that I got my results in my email inbox at 4:19pm this afternoon.

And while I was expecting a couple of CR’s (credits) to be the marks for my final two subjects, I ended up with two DN’s (distinctions) instead. Meaning that in my final semester, I managed to boost up my overall WAM (weighted average mark) by a couple of percentage points.

Out of the 4 semesters of this Masters program, Semester 2 2006 turned out to be my worst one marks-wise (averaged a low-to-mid CR for my WAM that semester). The semester just past turned out to be my best ever semester marks-wise (into DN territory solidly). The other two were solidly high CR’s (missed out on averaging a distinction for both of those semesters by a couple of percentage points).

I guess now I am going to have to re-print my business cards at work so that my qualifications line now reads:

BTax (Merit) UNSW, MIntTax UNSW, Cert III (Govt)

Now time to just get UNSW to send up my testamur & academic statements because at this stage, I’m not going to bother going down to Sydney for my graduation (the second time around) at the end of August.

Unless I am really that desperate to maybe catch up with that cute young lady who:

  • did a couple of the same subjects as I did this degree,
  • works in a mid-tier accounting firm in the CBD, and
  • who would’ve just finished her Master of Applied Taxation if she passed her last subject this semester.

Hehehehe, but I’m not that desperate. Or am I?



Yesterday was a Solemnity for me on the Benedictine Ordo. Yes, it was St. Benedict’s feast day. So it was good to be able to celebrate a full day of major offices (on Tuesday evening: first vespers and compline; on Wednesday: vigils, lauds, second vespers and compline) and to go for Mass at St. Stephen’s yesterday.

If I am correct, Deacon of St. Stephen’s, Rev. Anthony Gooley delivered the short homily and he reflected on what we celebrate and give thanks to God for on St. Benedict’s feast day. He also reminded all of us city workers who were in attendance that St. Benedict placed an emphasis on the sacredness of both work and prayer and that our lives needed to find a balance between our work time, relaxation time and prayer time.

Given that the Gospel reading for yesterday was taken from Matt 10:1-7, I could see a connection with the Apostles being called by Christ to preach the good news to the lost sheep of Israel, St. Benedict being called to preach the good news those those in his culture and world and to today, where we as Christians, the priesthood of all believers, are called to preach the good news to “lost sheep” around us.

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2 thoughts on “Another chapter of life over”

  1. Congratulations Brandon! Sounds like things are going well for you.

    I wanted to go to Gethsemani to celebrate the Feast of St. Benedict. Somehow, I didn’t think my boss would quite understand me wanting off work. So….maybe next year!

    Peace my friend.

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