That “getting around” to commenting on Summorum Pontificum and the Responses on the Doctrine of the Church hasn’t happened thus far. Have been swamped with stuff to do (mainly housework that I’ve neglected over the past week). I’m currently typing this up just before I jet off back to church again for combined choir practice.

Bryan, who is one of my regular commenters (along with Sven, the rest of y’all just lurk), has started off an intriguing series of posts on the differences between Anglicanism and Roman Catholicism recently.

In particular the topic of Mary, the Blessed Virgin, the Theotokos, the Holy Mother of God. Given that I’ve only recently started to come to appreciate the place of Mary in theology, this has become one sticking point of mine as I try to understand Mary’s place in an evangelical theology which to my mind at least has reduced her to being a bit player, only to be pulled out at Christmas or at Easter.

Check out the discussion here.

Now time to jet!

+ bf 1331hrs


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