For me, relaxation usually occurs when I’m doing something enjoyable. Like ironing. Or folding clothes. Or eating.

Or in this case, singing.

I picked up a cheap copy of Liber Cantualis today. Basically, it’s a basic book of Gregorian chants for a local parish choir to be able to use during masses. Given that I have liked Gregorian chant for quite a while (even when I was younger) and it’s only been in the last couple of years that I’ve really started to pay attention to the tones, modes and the lyrics (in Latin and English translations).

I first heard this particular hymn, relating to the Blessed Sacrament, i.e. the Eucharist on a CD that was recorded by the Benedictine Monks of the Abbey of Sts. Maurice & Maur in Clervaux (Luxembourg) on Philips Classics back in October 1959 (re-released on CD in the late 1980s). It’s been one of my favorites in terms of melody, but recently I’ve managed to find a half decent English translation that’s also perfectly singable in this particular chant melody that has made my attraction to this particular chant become more concrete than ever.

For the lyrics, you can click here.

It’s called Adoro Te Devote.

Given that it’s my first ever recording of chant, I was rather pleased with it. Verse 4 for me is the kicker and St. Thomas Aquinas (writer of another favorite chant of mine, Tantum Ergo Sacramentum) really does put our entire devotion and love of Christ into such beautiful words:

I am not like Thomas, wounds I cannot see,
But can plainly call thee, Lord and God as he;
Let me to a deeper faith, daily nearer move,
Daily make me harder hope and dearer love

I can’t have a better prayer for each day than that right there.

Hope that you all enjoy the download.

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