Home alone…

19th Saturday in Ordinary Time (just…)

My parents have left me for a bit. So I have a couple of days here at home by myself.

Am looking forward to doing some housework, reading and my usual stuff. For the first time in a while, will be cooking from scratch tomorrow night and on Monday night when I get home from work before BS. I wonder what culinary delights will emerge from the recesses of my mind? Probably something that is edible at best and has all the taste of lighty seasoned cardboard. Or I could actually go and get out my Donna Hay basics cookbook and decide to actually follow a couple of recipes for pasta and what not. Will be different than helping Dad prep before he cooks.

Also will be looking forward to getting comfortable again with my essential loneliness, my companion for most of my life thus far and probably well into the future.

I’ve decided that to help fill in my time now that I’m not studying for a uni degree, I will probably split it up between rest, reading tax-related material to keep ‘in the know’ for work purposes and to start on structured study of theology.

My textbooks of choice? In the past, I’ve generally read from systematic theologies (Miley, Strong, Grudem, Erickson, etc). But this time around I’m taking a more ‘open’ approach to theological study.  So I’m gonna be working through my copies of Alistair McGrath’s Christian Theology: An Introduction (4th Edition) and The Christian Theology Reader (3rd Edition) over the next year or so. Will be a lot harder than just simply reading and digesting systematic theology texts like I’ve done in the past.

Daniel Migliore’s Faith Seeking Understanding: An Introduction to Christian Theology also looks like a good text to go through in the future (or for use as a reference).

On that note, it’s nearly 11:30pm and I have to be up in another 6.5 hours for Mass (at home on TV) before then heading to church in the morning. And then a Local Church Executive Committee meeting at 2pm. This will be a Sunday where there is no Sabbath rest for me until about 5pm. To all of you out there, ora pro me (i.e. pray for me).

Having said that, I’ll be looking for a beer to down at the end of tomorrow night after church in the morning. Wonder what specials that Dan Murphy’s have now…

+ bf 2328hrs


2 thoughts on “Home alone…”

  1. lightly seasoned cardboard…lol. seriously man, none of us guys can really cook, except chucky. we’re all gonna make great husbands…wait what am i saying?!

    ps: mi goreng for the win!

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