21st Monday in Ordinary Time

Memorial for St. Monica, mother of St. Augustine of Hippo (Roman Catholic & Anglican calendars)

Hmmm… We had a big discussion about Islam and Buddhism at Monday Night Bible Study tonight (while Frances managed to get through the final 10 or so verses of Hebrews 10). Islam got raised around Hebrews 10:28-29 and Buddhism got raised around Hebrews 10:32-34. Timmeh seemed to be rather happy at having prepared to begin Hebrews 11 tonight but having to postpone beginning it until next Monday night.

Given that Bryan has embarked on a series of posts that sought to examine the differences between Roman Catholic & Anglican Christianity, I’m considering maybe doing a few posts on Buddhism and Islam from a Christian angle. But as a Christian who once considered abandoning his Christian heritage and upbringing at a very young age [around 10 or so] to become Muslim or Buddhist (before actually being “born again” when I was around 14). Meaning that I will try my best not to be that biased but to at least put out some information on what Islam and Buddhism really are for the benefit of y’all from MYF who read my blog rather than let you hear biased views of what Islam and Buddhism are as portrayed in the media outside (who will go with any faddish view that will bring them ratings and/or advertising dollars).

Something for the future. But which one to look at first? I’m thinking Buddhism given that there are a few people from MYF who have families who are “Buddhist”, but I suspect that their religious beliefs are a hotpot of Buddhism [probably of the Mahayana strand], Taoism, Chinese folk religion and a smattering of Confucian morality and social order to round off the religious palate. Islam is another kettle of fish given that there are a number of strands of Islam in the world today (you only need to look at Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia to see three of the most dominant strands of Islam out there).

Those of you from MYF, let me know what you think. Now time to sort out what I want to wear tomorrow. I have a meeting with external clients in the morning, meaning that I’ve gotta look somewhat dressed up and presentable. Heck, I might even have to banish my almost trademarked scowl from my face for that one hour. Oh the sacrifices one has to make for work…

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