23rd Wednesday in Ordinary Time

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It’s taken me a while and after a lot of excuses for not making it up to St. John’s Cathedral (‘SJC’) in the city during lunchtimes, I’m finally biting the bullet. Given that SJC is only 1.5 blocks away from my office along Ann St (going towards Fortitude Valley), I don’t really an excuse for not making time at least a couple of times during the week to go there and celebrate the Eucharist with the few others who also make it there. By comparison, St. Stephen’s has at least 1000% more people coming together for the 12:30pm Mass each day than the 12:30pm Eucharist at SJC.

While I am now accustomed to the Roman Catholic liturgy of Pope Paul VI after a couple of years of regular attendance for Mass at St. Stephen’s, it was refreshing to go back to the Anglican liturgy of APBA (it’s been years since I’ve used APBA for the Eucharist; it was every Wednesday morning in high school) and be comfortable about going up to partake of the Body and Blood of Christ. And that’s without having to resort to “sort of” lying if I were to go up and receive Communion at St. Stephen’s; from my understanding, RC canon law and the RC Catechism makes it quite clear that those who are not in communion with the Vatican are not to take Communion in a RC church unless extreme extenuating circumstances are present, such as there being no non-Catholic churches within reasonable distance for the non-Catholic to receive Communion in or if the Eucharist is to be taken as viaticum .

Am looking forward to lunchtime again tomorrow. Certainly is a good way to spend my lunch break.

Hope to be able to take some photos of SJC for y’all as well in the near future too. It certainly is a beautiful cathedral in the Anglican tradition.


In other news, an underground bishop of the RC church in China passed away last Sunday: Bishop Han Dingxiang of the Diocese of Yongnian in Hebei province. As I prayed vespers this evening from the Office for the Dead, I prayed for his family who apparently didn’t even get a chance to spend too much time with him on his deathbed in the hospital or celebrate a Requiem Mass for him either. Hope that Catholics in China are saying prayers for his soul and for his family in this sad time for the underground Diocese of Yongnian. May Bishop Han’s soul rest in peace and may he find rest eternal with Christ and all the saints.


Was good to see some coverage of CMCA in the Anglican media (FOCUS, Anglican newspaper of the Brisbane Diocese, Sept 2007 edition) as there was a short article in there along with a photo of Bishop Chiew and the Australian head of the Mar Thoma Church (Rt. Rev. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius) as both churches were welcomed as members of the National Council of Churches in Australia (‘NCCA’) in late July 2007. Having said that, I don’t think I’ve heard much as a member of CMCA about our joining the NCCA (albeit after signing only Part A of the covenant, with other parts to follow). Being an ecumenist, I sure was glad to hear about this. =)

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