Penny for your thoughts?

25th Thursday in Ordinary Time

I post way too much on serious topics. Like theology, current affairs, introspective thoughts and musings on my life, emotional state and interaction between my faith and the world I live in.

I need a life.

And maybe a girlfriend to help me rediscover what fun life actually is (if she actually does exist out there somewhere in that great ocean of 6 billion or so humans on this planet).

Or heck, I could just become a novice monk instead…


A (virtual and thus non-existent) penny for your thoughts anyone?

+ bf 1840hrs


3 thoughts on “Penny for your thoughts?”

  1. A penny for my thoughts? I’m thinking about how knowing God has a lot to do with knowing the real me. Can I really know God without knowing my true self?

    Not exaclty light stuff, huh?

    Beyond, that I’m just glad the weekend is almost here! I’ll be on retreat at Gethsemani and looking forward to some silence.


  2. my thoughts…? my thoughts are your figure is wrong! for starters, 6 billion is the total population. so it’d be like 6 billlion minus the men (3 billion), minus the too young, the too old and the ‘taken’ (2 billion). alas you’re left with a measely 1 billion women to choose from.

    so wheres my penny? please send it via email =D

    but seriously tho, at least its good to see some real posts…unlike the unlikely duo who enjoy posting videos…which is like a cheat post. and doesnt count.

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