Thoughts on my mind this week

25th Saturday in Ordinary Time

Burma and Zimbabwe are the two places that have been on my mind a lot.

Zimbabwe has calmed down somewhat over the past week though the economic crisis is still causing rampant escalation of poverty there (and to think that the inflation rate has gone down to about 6600% p.a. from the previous month where it was sitting somewhere in the middle of between 7000%-8000% p.a. while the Zimbabwean dollar is worth basically nothing now).

The country is in a shambles and under the pretext of black economic empowerment, Mugabe has ended up killing the economy instead. So while him and his supporters, cabal and cronies cosy up in the nicer suburbs of Harare with running water, electricity and actual food, the remaining people in Zimbabwe run out of the same items. It’s enough to make me pissed off at the utter inhumanity of the Mugabe regime and also pissed off at Mugabe who claims to be a Roman Catholic Christian but whose actions show him to be quite probably not.

As for Burma, you only need to turn on the news to see what is going on over there. The fact that the military junta there has killed members of the Buddhist clergy is sickening to me. And that’s also not to mention shooting at innocent civilians who simply want the junta to actually recognize the legitimately elected government of May 1990 and take democracy properly rather than pay lip service to it (then again, the PRC maintains a similar sort of position also).

As a person of Chinese descent (who is now an Australian citizen), I find it disheartening that the PRC (along with the Russian Federation) seems to tacitly support the regime (though logically speaking, if they withdrew support wouldn’t that mean that they would be undermining their own methods of ruling the PRC then?)

The people of Burma, both laity and Buddhist monks and nuns are in my prayers this past week and will be in the weeks to come.

+ bf 1257hrs


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