St. Francis

26th Thursday in Ordinary Time

Feast Day of St. Francis (RC & Anglican calendars)

Eucharist today at St. John’s Cathedral was a little oasis amongst the busyness of today.

We heard the gospel reading from St.Matthew’s gospel on the birds in the air being fed by God without their own worrying, the lilies being clothed in splendor much greater than even what Solomon wore (Matt 6:25-34).

The OT reading came from the book of the prophet Micah (6:6-8) and the combination of these two (along with the epistle reading which I think came from St. Paul’s 1st letter to Timothy [6:11-16]) was so appropriate for this festal day in the Liturgy of the Word as we gave thanks to God for the life of blessed St. Francis before we partook of the body and blood of Christ in the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

I’m sure that our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters over at St. Stephen’s Cathedral were having a mighty time of celebration as well as they celebrated the Eucharist along with the life of St. Francis at 12:30pm also.

And I’m damn sure that the brothers from the Society of St. Francis (Anglican) here in Brisbane are having a celebration on this solemnity at their Annerley friary.

Now time for some audio editing for a certain event that’s coming up… this will be fun like heck and all of y’all from church that are going to a certain upcoming wedding should enjoy yourselves silly when you hear it.

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