Televangelists & their money…

32nd Saturday in Ordinary Time / 24th Saturday after Pentecost

I had to laugh when I saw this mentioned on Kyle’s blog this morning.

Looks like a US senator is gonna be asking six well known televangelists to justify their use of funds that people have donated to their ministries. Commentary to be found here at the “World of Sven”.

But hot dang, US$23k for a toilet/wash station Joyce Meyer? Is that what all those book royalties are getting you these days?

I’m gonna be looking forward to reading the final US Senate Finance Committee report on this.

+ bf 1157hrs


2 thoughts on “Televangelists & their money…”

  1. Looks like a great blog you’ve got going. Look forward to reading more of your thoughts. I particularly enjoyed the About page and, like you, would identify as an ’emerging catholic’. I also have a fondness for liturgical worship and love classical music.

    I’ll be sure to pass along your question about the toilet/wash station to Joyce Meyer. Her ministry headquarters are right outside St. Louis. 😉



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