Theological humor

33rd Tuesday in Ordinary Time / 25th Tuesday after Pentecost

[ now playing? ] Advent – Gregorian Singers (Monte Mason, Director); CD (SONUS LUXQUE 106)

This certainly had to be a bit of an attempt at humor in the November 2007 issue of Touchstone Magazine.

Anthony Esolen (Touchstone’s senior editor) and David Mills (editor) wrote a rather humorous article (“The Mass Upended”) that I thought was for real until I saw the date appended to the front of it (Sept 25, 2008) and who the supposed news outlet was (the “Christian Liturgical Associates Press” or “CLAP”).

In it, I think Esolen & Mills have written some very clever and witty commentary on the state of affairs in which many churches these days want to continually re-invent their liturgy or service type to fit the prevailing culture they are in. In taking the Mass apart with this (using the fictional Bishop Minnow of the ICE-T, that is, the International Commission on English Transfiguration), I had to restrain myself from laughing (ridiculously loud for that matter) on the train this morning.

In it, the “old” greeting and response would end up becoming:

Celebrant: Hey there!
People: Hey yourself!
C: Be happy!
P: That’s cool!
C: Be thankful!
P: Can’t complain!

Or what about the traditional Confiteor (general confession prayer for all you non-RC’s out there) said at the beginning of Mass in a revised but somewhat familiar context. I was in stitches with this one:

I confess to almighty God,
and to you, my sisters and brothers,
that sometimes I’m not all I should be.
You know, I have to admit it, sometimes I goof up.
My bad, my bad, my really bad [penitent strikes him/herself upside the head, thrice].
But Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, that’s all right.

Or how about a Christian dismissal that has a bit of a Buddhist/new-age and Looney Tunes feel?

Boddhi-boddhi-boddhi-That’s All, Folks!

Lord, have mercy on us if we change our worship of You just so we can be accepted by the culture around us. Grant us the wisdom to conform to worship that truly is Biblical and in the tradition of your Holy Church, dear Lord.

+ Pax,
bf 2319hrs


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