I’ve been noticing that I’ve had a severe increase of comments that have been almost at spam levels from a certain “Stu” who has a Queensland Bigpond IP address (that I have noted down and am considering sending off to Telstra Bigpond Internet Services to alert them of this behavior that is being undertaken on this IP address) that started off on my post re: St. Francis back in October 2007.

The comments have been of a somewhat nonsensical character interspersed with questions on where to find Franciscan locations within Queensland to which the author of those comments wants to get in touch with. And now they’ve gone to further nonsensical statements on theology that deal with the Most Holy Trinity and Christ’s sacrifice to threats of God dealing harm on me if I do not respond to your every comment. As you did state within one of your comments, a number of other websites have banned you from commenting on them presumably for such behavior. I can see why now.

So to “Stu”, please kindly go and do a search on Google for “Queensland franciscans” and you might hit the website of the Society of St. Francis, an Anglican Franciscan society that has branches across Australia and who might be able to help you out in your quest for Franciscan spirituality. My lay-Benedictine hospitality ends here, I wish you well in your endeavors and my prayers for you (whoever you are) are out there to God now.

+ Pax