Super Bowl XLII

4th Monday in Ordinary Time (RC)
5th Monday after Epiphany (Anglican)
Two days before Ash Wednesday

I took the day off from work today. Was good. Very good.

I have just seen one of the greatest games in Super Bowl history on Fox Sports 2.

Well, maybe not given that I wasn’t around to watch Lombardi and his Packers win the first two in Jan 1967 and Jan 1968. Or Montana and my beloved 49ers’ four wins back in the 1980s (XVI, XIX, XXIII & XXIV).

But that was some comeback by Eli Manning and the Giants in their final drive from 2:42 in the 4th quarter on their own 17-yard line after the kickoff return by Hixon. And that was after an 80-yard Patriots drive that resulted in a 6-yard TD pass from Tom Brady to Randy Moss.

Given that my 49ers probably won’t make it into the playoffs for the next few years (unless the 2008 season ends up being better than expected), I was rooting for the Giants to upset the Patriots in Glendale, AZ. Them also because they beat my second team, the Green Bay Packers, for the NFC Championship.

When Tyree caught that 32-yarder from Manning and held on to it for his dear life (with the assist by his helmet), I was up outta my seat and whooping around the house like mad. And when that lob of a pass by Manning for 14-yards to Burress was caught in the New England endzone, you would’ve thought that a madman was in the house.

Then when Brady got sacked by Alford, the game was over at that point for me. I just knew that Brady’s final “Hail Mary” play wouldn’t get through at all.

This has gotta be sweet for the Manning family after Peyton’s win last year with the Colts and Tony Gungy.

I couldn’t be a happier chap at this point in time. Though on the other hand, it would’ve been history making for the Patriots to join the 1972 Miami Dolphins team as being the only two NFL teams to have had a perfect, undefeated season…

Nah… =D

Here’s to my 49ers (or the Packers) doin’ well in the 2008 season. And hopefully, one of them, preferably the 49ers, makes it to Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa, FL next year on Feb 1, 2009.

+ Pax,
bf 1424hrs


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