Lent 2, Wednesday

The week so far has been interesting. And this’ll more than likely be a rambling post… so you have been warned, good reader.

Monday got caught up with stuff around lunch time at work, so hence, no Eucharist then.

Arrived at St. John’s on Tuesday at 12:25pm and in the chapel already were a number of folks (about six), of which five were wearing purple clerical shirts and dog collars.

First thought: “This is highly unusual. We normally only get about four for lunchtime Eucharist.”

Second thought: “How come we have so many bishops here?”

Third thought: “Is that Archbishop Philip on the other side of the pews in the Holy Spirit Chapel? Shouldn’t he be presiding over the Eucharist? Or is Assistant Bishop John going to be doing this?”

Fourth thought (as another 6-7 guys all walk in with dog collars and pectoral crosses): “Whoa! Must be some provincial bishops meeting on to have this many bishops here!”

Fifth thought (as our celebrant walked down the aisle): “What an honor, Assistant Bishop John is celebrating today’s Eucharist. I haven’t seen him wear his white mitre before though.”

After Eucharist and my daily pilgrimage to the Lady Chapel, as I’m browsing around the Cathedral Shop in the back of the nave, turns out that there was a bishop’s conference on in Brisbane that brought together what looked like the bishops of the Anglican Province of Queensland together. Certainly brought a different feeling and celebration to the Eucharist yesterday.

My “Pantokrator” icon is now up on my wall that is opposite to and looks down over my bed. Just as we have a typical Protestant picture of Jesus on one of our walls outside in the living room, I’ve now got one (which depicts a Christ that looks slightly more like how he would have looked as a Jewish man) within my room. And my diptych of Christ the Teacher and of the Theotokos (with her Son) is beside my bed now too.

Imagine me, once a snooty Protestant who wanted nothing to do with anything non-Protestant in my room (and who only bought a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church to critique and demonize the Roman Catholic church; about 4-5 years ago) who now has an icon hanging on the wall along with a diptych on his bedside bookshelf.  Who’dathunkit?

Today, we had one of the old school priests come in and preside over the Eucharist. It’s not often that I hear parts of the liturgy contained within the Anglican Missal in a Eucharistic celebration at St. John’s (for that, I’ll have to go to All Saints instead). Again, another beautiful celebration that was a highlight amongst my drudgy day (work can get like that at times, I’m an accountant so go figure…)

Beginning to either get another bout of tonsillitis (throat is getting sore like heck again but I’m still able to speak normally) or it’s the beginnings of another cold. Hopefully it’s the latter rather than the former. The weather now is playing havoc on me and a couple of my colleagues at work too.

Tomorrow it’ll be Thursday and the next thing I know, it’ll be Friday again and then the weekend. The cycle never stops.

On another note, others have been adopting books to accompany them on their Lenten journey. I know of Bryan going through Henri Nouwen’s “The Return of the Prodigal Son” during Lent. Merton’s “The Sign of Jonas” is mine. I’ll get around to posting some thoughts on some of his entries sometime during Lent (hopefully). The same goes with thoughts on some of the Scripture readings and readings from the Fathers that make their way into my Office during Lent as well.

Tomorrow should be good too. Rev’d. Rupert Jeffcoat will be having another of the organ recitals at St. John’s at 1:10pm. Looking forward to hearing another two more organ sonatas by Bach and Mendelssohn then. Should be one relaxing lunchtime indeed.

Off to make lunch for mom and my breakfast for tomorrow morning now. Then compline and sleep.

+ Pax,
bf 2042hrs


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