An evening prayer…

Lent 4, Tuesday – Feria

Thought that I might share the lyrics to this poignant and inspiring prayer hymn with y’all.

Gimme well crafted Contemporary Christian songs like this over the dross that seems to rely on flashy production and forgettable lyrics.

Besides, it reminds me of one of the first prayers I ever heard at my high school from the Celtic view of the faith. Rather appropriate given that it’s St. Patrick’s memoria in about two weeks time. And it will serve as a complementary hymn to Thomas Tallis’s “Te lucis ante terminum” that I normally sing for compline.

My Evening Prayer – Sarah Hart (click to listen)
Words & Music by Sarah Hart. © 2005, a division of OCP [Oregon Catholic Press]

God, be in my head / And in my understanding / Be my every thought / And be my evening prayer / In the darkness alone with the moon and her stars / Let me know that you are / Here, be in my head / God be my everything.

God be in my heart / As I lay deep in slumber / Let the shadows depart / And sweetest dreams be mine / Send the angels to breathe heaven’s peace into me / Thought the night, Father be/ Here, be in my heart / God fill my every dream.

God be in my eyes / When I awake to morning / And be first in my sight / All that I long to see / Seeking out only that which is lovely and true / All the beauty of you / Here, be in my eyes / And in my head / And in my heart / God, be my understanding.

+ Pax,
bf 2112hrs


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