Empty & Beautiful

Palm Sunday, Holy Week 2008 begins

This is gonna be a very short review of Matt Maher’s new album “Empty & Beautiful”.

Given that his new album is actually out on April 8 2008, some of you might be wondering how on earth I managed to snag a copy of it well before then.

There has been nothing illegal about it. Because the whole album (read: entire album, everything on the album, all songs on the album) is simply up for listening at Matt Maher Music (click the link, you know you want to). I’ve got this snagged on pre-order as well from MusiChristian.com too (25% off, plus its an autographed copy and it’s well under the price that Koorong or Word would have it at, courtesy of the ridiculously good AUD/USD exchange rate at the moment).

Anyway, onto the review. In a few words:

Poignantly beautiful.

Matt has described virtually the entire Christian walk in the title track from the album “Empty & Beautiful” (lyrics are my transcription, I’m looking fwd to seeing what they actually are in the liner notes):

Empty & Beautiful

v1: my past won’t stop haunting me / in this prison there’s a fight between / who I am, and who i used to be / this thorn in my side is a grace / for because of it, the flesh and blood of God was offered in my place / my place

chorus: You fought the fight in me / You chased me down and finish the race / i was blind but now i see / Jesus, you kept the faith in me

v2: where did my best friends go? / in my defense(?), they disappeared / just like your friends did to You O Lord / but you were there, you gave me strength / so this little one might come to know / the glory of Your Name / Your Name.

bridge: awaiting / set apart / Like you since(?) / to your heart / a libation / i’m pouring out / empty & beautiful / beautiful / beautiful

closing chorus: You fought the fight in me / You chased me down and finish the race / i was blind but now i see / Jesus, you kept the faith in me / You fought the fight in me / You chased me down and finish the race / i was blind but now i see / Jesus, You kept the faith in me / Jesus, You kept the faith in me / Savior, You kept the faith in me

His new laydown of “As It Is In Heaven” (originally on his “Overflow” album) reworks the original track into one that is focused primarily on modern day setting of “The Lord’s Prayer” (Pater Noster). The reworking of “Your Grace Is Enough” (originally on the “Welcome To Life” album) combines the best of the Chris Tomlin cover and Matt’s original. For those of you who have Matt’s “Overflow” album, you’ll also find a re-recorded version of “Unwavering” on his new album along with a slight re-jigging of “For Your Glory” as well.

Out of the other new tracks on the album, the stand-outs for me are “Maranatha (Come Again)”, “I Rejoice” and “Shine Like The Son” (which evokes a similar feeling in me as when I heard Matt & Tom Booth on the track “Just Live It”).

Check it out if you are looking for some new CCM that has some thought in the lyrics instead of the typical cliches that you find in most Hillsongs or Planet Shakers material.

On a side note, I’m looking forward to the rest of this week. I always love Holy Week. St. John’s and St. Stephen’s this week will be buzzing with activity. Am gonna have to make time for the Stations of the Cross after work sometime in the week.

Time for compline!

+ Pax,
bf 2255hrs


One thought on “Empty & Beautiful”

  1. Did they have liner notes in the album?
    I got it off iTunes and so I don’t have the lyrics.

    I do believe the line in the bridge is “…Like incense to your heart…”

    Thank you for writing this! ^_^

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