Absolutely stuffed

Wednesday, Easter 2

I left home today at 6:55am. I got home today at 7:05pm.

It’s been a helluva day. My eyes are sore like heck after reading about agency and estoppel for most of the day along with a wee bit of TR 97/23 and TR 2007/3. And not only that, but applying all of it to stuff at work.

To say that I have a headache now would be an understatement.

To say that my other colleague, who is working on one of those cases with me (the one that deals with agency and estoppel), has a headache would also be an understatement. Just half her luck that she’s going on leave next week (to Fiji of all places!) and I get to take it over.

St. Matthew and St. Yves, pray for me.


I’m feeling quite stuffed at this point in time but I know I have to make a start on preparing the notes Bible Study for next Monday night on the third chapter of the Second Epistle of St. Peter.

Verse 8 is gonna be a doozy to exegete. Here’s hoping debate next Monday night (or the week after that if we get to that verse that week) doesn’t get too heated! I can just picture the debate centering on whether Holy Writ is to be interpreted literally especially when one tries to exegete this in the context of the first three chapters of Genesis.

Have written too much here. Need to write in Word now. *prepares to grab commentaries and Holy Writ*

+ Pax,
bf 2107hrs


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