My baby’s back

Trinity 1 – Tuesday/Ordinary Time 1 – Tuesday

She’s back. Oh baby, she’s back.

And it felt so good to have her curves back in my hands again. Takin’ a ride in her felt so good after she was gone from my life for a week. And after that ride was over, it was bliss.

Wait, did the above sound like a soundbite from a really cheesy porn flick?

Get your minds out of the gutter folks. =P

What I’m actually talking about here is my car. And she actually did come back from the panel beaters this afternoon. With that dent in her bumper long gone and her bonnet back to looking her slick, stylish best.

One problem though. Having to pay the insurance excess sucked. Because if that little prang happened about two weeks later, my excess would have been slashed by over 50%. Damn age excess. Let this be a lesson to me never to mistreat or be careless with my baby again. Ever. Note to self…

Now that I’m back early from work today, guess I’ll get around to getting some housework done after vespers.

+ Pax,
bf 1724hrs


4 thoughts on “My baby’s back”

  1. wow b…i never knew you had the amazing dialogue skills required for amateur pron.

    nice to see your car is back from the crapyard =p

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