Fundraising Concert 2008

Trinity 3/Ordinary Time 9 – Sunday

[ now playing? ] “Wave” by Antonio Carlos Jobim (jazzclub|legends, Verve/Universal 9843869)

Congrats to EMP MYF & JMYF on pulling off a great Fundraising Concert. Being as one of the cast who did see most of it (I love having the job of being an audio engineer for church events), y’all did great.

My favorite moments?

Andrew Lam: You, my friend, are a bloody genius on your axe. I need, I mean MUST learn how to fingerpick with your accuracy and skill!

KC and the “two-left footed boys”: Loved it, loved it, loved it.

Christel & young crew: One of my favorite Kirk Franklin songs. Nice choreography there.

The skit to Lifehouse’s “Everything”: As good, if not better than the other one that’s available on the net. Frank, you don’t deserve a Golden Globe for that (the Golden Globe’s are crap). Make that an Oscar, BAFTA, Tony Award and Logie for you.

Bui: Damn proud of you for hitting your harmony part in Leeland’s “Beautiful Lord”. All those extra practices (and my frustrations at times) were worth it for tonight mate.

Girlpower: While your singing at times was a bit too soft, great work overall with the choreography and performance.

Kevin Go and the “bum, bum, bum” crew: Kevin, Herbert von Karajan has got nothing on you. Best. Conducting. Job. Ever. And for the “bummers”, that’s the first time in a very, very long time since I’ve heard those pieces by Kabalevsky & Maykapar.

Nathan & Max: Go the jazz.

All in the Finale: Max, great job with the singing. To the others in the finale choir who are in the English service choir, why can’t you sing like that each Sunday?!?!?!

As for the target, thank God that we smashed it. To the donors, (you know who you are), I’m sure that Annual Conference will thank you for your generosity, and I’m sure the Winter Youth Camp Committee definitely will as well.

After all of tonight, now I just want a dram of Johnnie Walker Black Label before I sleep tonight.

I’m pooped.

+ Pax
bf 0008hrs


5 thoughts on “Fundraising Concert 2008”

  1. b! whoohooo!
    *borat voice*: great success!
    thank god 😀

    and whenever u sing, it soothes my soul =)

  2. bahahaha
    you were very great
    btw thanks for telling me that i was unplugged at the end LOL
    i didnt plug myself in bahaha.

  3. “bum”/”bam”. it sounded the same from where i was sitting. heck, on friday night when fong heard tanets, he cracked up.

    bui: the “two-left footed boys” implies that i’m talking about all three of you and you each have two left feet. if it was “two left footed boys”, then i’d only be talking about two of you. or something like that… now back to ironing while watching movies which have dark, depressing, pathos-es to them.

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