Safari anyone?

Pentecost 9/Trinity 8/Ordinary Time 15 – Sunday

I’m not one who is partial to Steve Jobs and Apple-related products. I mean, the madness the enveloped the country last Friday (St. Ben’s feast day) for the Australian release of the iPhone 3G was nuts. Here in Brisbane is was crazy with people queueing up from Thursday night in front of the Optus and Vodafone retail stores in the Queen St Mall to be one of the first few people to have on in their hands.

Having said that, with a laptop now in hand, I’m considering installing iTunes and then grabbing an 80GB or 160GB iPod classic simply put because it’s humongous capacity wise and it shames my current 30GB Creative Zen Vision:M capacity wise. But let me clarify something; technology wise, the Zen Vision:M wipes the iPod off the table into the bin.

So I say with a great deal of reluctance, that Apple’s browser for Windows has coaxed me over from Firefox for general use on this new laptop of mine. IE6 remains all the way at the bottom of the pile; IE7 remains even further down the line given that it does not want to install on my laptop at all, which is fine by me because I still reckon that it’s crap and uninspiring in its feature set (Safari, Firefox and Opera had it all before anyway).

Yes, that’s right, I’m converted to Safari (v3.1.2 (525.21)) here on this laptop.

It renders pages beautifully. The inbuilt font smoothing technology, combined with ClearType on this laptop install of Win XP Professional makes webpages utterly sublime to view. Plus given at times, my love of minimalist design, its look is perfect to my current XP theme (a modified version of the standard Zune theme, with some changes to fonts used for system menus, etc).

Try it out if you haven’t already all you Windows users. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

+ Pax,
bf 2137hrs


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