WYD08 Catechesis

Pentecost 14/Trinity 13/Ordinary Time 19 – Monday
Feast of St. Clare of Assisi – Religious & Virgin

Been finally getting around to taking a listen to some of the WYD08 Catechesis sessions that were taped by xt3.com volunteers during the week long event on my train rides into and from work.

One of the catechesis sessions that has impressed itself upon me a lot over the last couple of days has been that of Christopher West and his catechesis session titled “God, Sex and the Meaning of Life” (available if you register on xt3.com and then click into the “Library->Audio” section of the site). Adolfo (who works at St. Pauls Book Centre on Elizabeth St) tells me that he tried to get into one of Christopher’s catechesis sessions on the Thursday night and Friday night when he was down in Sydney for WYD08 and the auditorium was entirely packed.

And what on earth was Mr. West talkin’ ’bout? And I’m not talking about Kanye here. The late Servant of God, Pope John Paul II and his Theology of the Body (TOTB).

All 129 of JPII’s audiences can be found either here or here. I have further reading material now (=D, I’m very happy about reading this!). And so far what I’ve heard in Christopher West’s talks about the underlying theology that girds JPII’s TOTB, it’s a far cry from the rather puritanical views and approaches that I’ve read about (and tried to apply to my own frustrated life as a young single man) in the past.

And not only is TOTB something to be looked at within the context of marriage, but also from the perspective of single men and women who are either in religious life, celibate men in the priesthood or the rest of us singles who make up the laity. 

Have grabbed all 129 of the audiences off the EWTN site and will be looking forward to prayerfully ruminating over them for the next few months (amongst other reading material, no need to pay money to pick up the one-volume edition published by the UK Pauline Books and Media arm, L’Osservatore Romano’s English translation will do just nicely thanks!)

+ Pax et bonum,
bf 2355hrs


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