Pentecost 16/Trinity 15/Ordinary Time 21 – Tuesday

From one of the Theology on Tap sessions held earlier this year.

Sr Mary Rachel O.P. (Order of Preachers, i.e. Dominicans) in her talk on poverty that formed part of the series held on the night of 5 May 2008 with her other two Dominican sisters, Sr Mary Madeline O.P. & Sr Anna O.P.

She raised some interesting questions based on thoughts by Matthew Kelly, a Catholic speaker on the issue of brands:

Sr. Mary Rachel: … something that Matthew Kelly, he’s one of y’alls locals, he’s from Newcastle, but he goes around the world speaking and he said something very profound. He asked the question: “Do we own brand names or do brand names own us?” Then he asked the question: “When else have brands been used in history?” Does anybody know? When do you brand something? Any farmers around?

Audience: Cattle.

Sr. Mary Rachel: Good. Cattle. So a farmer will brand cattle.*indistinct* when, particularly in the United States, has branding been used?

Audience: Slavery.

Sr. Mary Rachel: Good job. Slavery – that a slave would be branded to show the ownership, so I think it’s just something to think about, your attitude towards, um, brand names, do particular clothes or do particular brands own us or do we own them?

On the issue of chastity, Sr. Anna O.P., she was hilarious but yet insightful and deep on this topic by using the example of “Brownie Man”. Mmmm… chocolate brownies… with hot chocolate fudge sauce. Versus “Chaste Man”. And one helluva desert proverb involving a camel and a tent. You might wonder how on earth that relates to chastity, but it does. Great stuff indeed.

Looking forward to the remainder of this week. Tomorrow we commemorate mothers who pray for the salvation of their children, who may even seem to be outside any hope of salvation in the life of St. Monica the mother of the great saint, bishop and doctor of theology in the Western Church whose life we celebrate on Thursday, St. Augustine of Hippo.

Dare I say that she could be the patron saint of all who pray for the salvation of friends and family who seem to not want to make any concrete steps to coming to know Christ or who seem to not even want to choose to know Christ. Or even any seemingly unanswered prayer by God. I mean, she did pray to God for her son to be converted for over 20 years and look at history for what happened next.

And I am looking forward to this Sunday very much. 9:30am Choral Eucharist at St. John’s Cathedral while most of CMCA-EMP will be up at the Alexandra Headlands Conference Centre at the Family Camp.

+ Pax,
bf 2134hrs


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