feisty chrome

Pentecost 16/Ordinary Time 22 – Wednesday
Feast day of St. Gregory the Great, Pope, Bishop of Rome & Doctor of the Church 

I’d heard the rumors about a new browser from Google and I never thought that it’d actually come to fruition. So here I am now, typing up this blog entry using Google Chrome

Blog entry using Chrome
Blog entry using Chrome

Even at the stable release v0.2.149.27, it’s showing promise. For more of the stuff that’s “under the hood”, the Wikipedia page on it is sufficient for y’all to get an idea of what’s happening. I read that it renders pages using the same engine as Safari (and I ❤ that browser even though it’s an Apple product on the Windows platform). But by gosh, I am liking as much of the minimalistic design of the main window compared with Firefox 3 and IE6, IE7 and the beta of IE8.


I have no idea how this album escaped my notice back in 2004/2005 but alongside this artist’s current album (The Reminder), this is why I love indie pop/rock when it’s done right.

Well, that isn’t the album. That’s just (Leslie) Feist’s appearance on Sesame Street earlier on this year with a new take on her track “1,2,3,4” (which was the track that propelled her to stardom on the back of an iPod nano tv advert).

I’m talking about Feist’s 2004 album Let It Die. She’s got a killer remake of the Bee Gee’s hit “Love You Inside Out” on this album (“Inside and Out” [click to watch video]) and the same with Blossom Dearie’s jazz classic “Tout doucement (All slowly)” on it too. “One Evening (click to watch video)” also is another great track (funky retro disco-soul feel to it) but my favorite has got to be “Now At Last”.

Lyrically it just evokes loneliness when viewing a sunrise on the top of a mountain or sunset on a beach to me. The typical emotion that runs through my mind for most of the day. It’s like a comfort blankie to me listening to this track because it’s a song that I know I could sing from the heart.

Rockinghorse in Brisbane CBD is the only place I know of where Let It Die and the remix compilation Open Season are available for $9.95 a pop. Well worth the money. Heck, even The Reminder is $20 for the UK import edition with the bonus track on it.


On something completely different, things at work are good and bad. Good in that work is starting to pick up again and it’s gonna be some bloody challenging stuff that could have much broader policy implications than I could have ever imagined compared with the first moment I was asked to do some research on it. Also good in that I’ve had to take on a couple of more duties in my current role (always a good thing to add on my curriculum vitae).

But it’s bad in that my flexible work hours credit balance (i.e. unpaid overtime balance) is gonna go through the roof very, very, very quickly. And that a few other members of my team have temporarily left my team for at least 9 months meaning that it’s a lot quieter now in my team.

Especially since my “verbal sparring partner” was one of those who have temporarily left my team for another job in the same business line. But seeing as she’s one of the gurus of a certain business system I have to use in my current duties @ work, she’ll always be an email or a phone call away (or at least a short walk over to the other side of the floor – exercise is a good thing) to get help from. Besides, catching up every now and again over a caffeinated beverage is always an option. That’s coffee… Red Bull, V, Monster, Coke, Pepsi or one of the assorted energy drinks does not count. But my Indian “sister-from-another-mister” (it’s a lame in-joke between the two of us) is still on the other side of the cubicle-farm wall close by so things aren’t painfully quiet. Am gonna have to catch up with her over coffee on Friday morning or next Monday.

Now time to go and do a bit more work-related reading before sleep tonight. This blog post was a minor stop of respite for me tonight. I can’t wait for the weekend to relax a bit… and to catch up on some recreational reading along with some other work-related reading that I haven’t quite gotten around to as yet. C’est la vie…

+ Pax et bonum,
bf 2225hrs


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