God and the sub-prime mess (updated)

Ordinary Time 27/Trinity 21 – Tuesday
Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary (Roman Catholic Ordo Calendar) 

Should we be blaming God for the sub-prime and financial crisis that the US is currently experiencing? And that is now causing a mighty ripple across Europe (think Belgium, Germany and even Iceland).

HT: Derek (thanks for the Facebook msg mate)

[update at 10:35pm below]

On another note, I’m curious about Francis Beckwith’s forthcoming book Return To Rome: Confessions of An Evangelical Catholic. An Evangelical who has made the trip back to Rome after a “reversion” (he was baptised as a Catholic so it is a reversion rather than a “conversion”).

Part of this is in a sense due to my becoming acutely aware that these days I’m no longer an “emerging evangelical catholic methodist” (as my profile on Facebook so described my religious views). I’m an Evangelical Anglo-Catholic (meaning that if I am to “revert/convert”, as I’ve mentioned on here, it will probably be to a church that is in communion with the Church of England [as Kyle puts it, the CoE “Loving Jesus with a slight air of superiority since A.D. 597]). And some of you eagle-eyed readers might realize that my tagline for the blog above has changed. =)

Beckwith has linked on that book page of his to a 94-page critique of the position of what would be considered to be the first successful splinter group of the Western Church by Robert C. Koons (if you exclude the groups prior to the Reformation who tried to do this with Rome but ended up being extinguished after being burnt to death). That is, a Lutheran (and thus generally speaking, Protestant) viewpoint and carefully considered critique on a number of key areas where Rome and Protestantism differ. The funny thing is that I’ve had this PDF document downloaded into my Theological Musings folder on my external hard drive for the last couple of years (forgotten where on earth I did grab it from initially). And this time I’ve actually spent a fair bit of time reading it over the last couple of days.

Koons has some incredibly persuasive arguments against the Protestant view of justification and sola scriptura. And Koons is a Lutheran himself. Oops.

Once I get this bad boy printed out (double sided, of course, to save the environment), this copy is going to be scribbled on, noted upon and its contents prayerfully read over and digested by me for months to come.

+ Pax,
bf 2041hrs & 2235hrs


One thought on “God and the sub-prime mess (updated)”

  1. Thought that might interest you. Glad to be able to contribute, seeing as I don’t have my own blog (and probably lack the discipline to keep one going anyway).

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