Ordinary Time 29/Trinity 22 – Monday

After Mass today at St. John’s, it was rather heartwrenching to hear a lady who was there speak of the inner turmoil she faces in her job. The current financial crisis is starting to hit the cake now that the cream on top has been eaten up already. All I can do is pray for her, a fellow public servant who cares about her job as much as I do mine. When you serve the public, as both of us do, it hurts when sometimes we have to follow what the law of the land prescribes even after we have exhausted all other possibilities to accomodate and assist.

Lord have mercy.


On a side note, two new Bibles are due for release this year.

The first one, the ESV Study Bible is out now in the States and should be making its way to the shelves here in Australia in the very near future. The other one looks like it is going to be a little bit more difficult to grab a hold of down here.

The ESV with Old Testament Apocrypha (including Protestant, Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Apocrypha).

I say this even though I tend to use as my primary study bibles (and preferred translations):

  • The NIV Study Bible (revised ed. – almost everyone I know uses this one as a baseline!)
  • NRSV New Interpreter’s Study Bible (for an ecumenical and slightly liberal Christian perspective)
  • The Catholic Study Bible, 2nd ed. (New American Bible – for a Roman Catholic perspective)
  • The Orthodox Study Bible (OT: St. Athanasius Academy Septuagint; NT: NJKV – for an Eastern Orthodox perspective)
  • The ESV Reformation Study Bible (for a Reformed perspective)
  • The NIV Concordia Self-Study Bible (for a Lutheran perspective)
  • The Revised Standard Version (Catholic and non-Catholic editions)

Looking forward to the ESV Study Bible for a slightly more balanced view in the interpretive notes than the Reformation Study Bible I use currently. Pity that there isn’t much of a Methodist/Wesleyan study bible out anywhere. Guess we’ll just have to continue using Wesley’s notes on the OT and NT while referring back to the good ol’ King James then…

Looking forward to the ESV with Apocrypha because while I do quite like the style of the ESV (it takes after the RSV which I am especially fond of), I am quite looking forward to seeing the “full” OT Apocrypha translated using the ESV’s translation principles (will be great to use in readings for my own personal lauds and vespers liturgies here at home). The ESV still seems to me to be more dignified in public liturgy than the NRSV sounds when read aloud (then again, gimme Coverdale’s translation of the Psalms as in the BCP for sheer literary beauty over any other translation out there!).

But damn Oxford University Press! It’ll probably be incredibly hard to find that ESV w/ Apocrypha here at all (unless I dig around some of the seminary bookshops here who might end up stocking it). Or maybe CMS Bookshop or St. Paul’s Book Centre will have it (I’m not too hopeful of Koorong or Word stocking it).

One can only hope and pray…

+ Pax,
bf 2342hrs


3 thoughts on “Heartbreak”

  1. I hate to gloat but I happen to have a copy of the ESV Study Bible. It IS a seminary in one book. It’s by FAR the largest study Bible I own. It’s really a great resource and I know I’m going to enjoy using it for a long time to come. Yes, I too love the way the ESV reads – it retains much of the majestic beauty the KJV contains but is more readable.

    The Internet Monk was talking the other day about asking Crossway to setup a fund that people could contribute to. Those monies would be used to buy these Bibles for missionaries, pastors who couldn’t afford such a Bible on their own. Again, what a great resource for someone to own who maybe doesn’t have a large library!

    Okay, I guess I better get back to my homework. Blah.


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