All Saints

Ordinary Time 30/Trinity 23 – Friday
Solemnity of All Saints, Vespers 1 

This week has been a mighty long one. It’s been another 50+ hour week for me (work and travel time). And I’ve still got stuff here at home that I can legally take home to read up on and study this weekend.

“On what?” some (read: none) of you may be asking. Four words for you: Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

I was reading some of the public submissions on the train into work today and couldn’t get my head around the rolling balance method. One of my colleagues (who’s also looking at it) and I ended up sitting down this morning to work out how some of the submissions calculated out their numbers. Made sense after that. Now have to transfer this onto some spreadsheets for the benefit of explaining it to my team at work. Given that most of the submissions are public documents, I should be able to whip up a spreadsheet here at home this weekend and then send it to work via email.


On NCYC matters, my Bible Study preference has been made. Looking forward to the “scuba diving” session with Robyn Whitaker. Here’s what the NCYC site has to say about her Bible Study (which, like everyone else’s at NCYC09, will be based on the Gospel according to St. Mark).


Robyn Whitaker
Interested in going deeper? Want to understand more about the world of the Bible? Wonder what scholars know about the Bible that never gets told in church? Then this Bible study is for you.

The New Testament was written in a very different time and place. A world where religion and politics overlap, good and evil wrestle for power, demons and healings are commonplace, and society is structured differently. In this study participants will learn a basic method for reading Mark that can be applied to any part of the Bible. Engaging the ancient world we will begin with the Bible, not with a theme, allowing Mark’s gospel to speak for itself. You will discover for yourselves what teaching emerges: what Mark might have meant for early Christians, and what it means today.

To be able dive right into the gospel, I will assume participants have read the WHOLE of Mark’s gospel through at least once.

Given that she’s currently pursuing her doctorate in New Testament Studies over in Chicago, this one is gonna be a doozy. I’m already geeking out over it.

Something else however that is bugging me is what Submersions stream I am gonna go into on Day 4 of the NCYC week. And by Submersion, I’m not talking about a piddly 2 hour session before we all come back for lunch. It’s virtually half of an entire day from 11am to 6pm (community and small group activities make up most of the morning apart from breakfast).

So far, I have the Missions one selected. But I’m also wanting to go to the one dealing with Peace and Anti-Nuke too. I have Merton and the Sojourners group, spearheaded by Rev. Jim Wallis to thank for changing my views on war and the use of weapons – even if at times the anger on the inside at times makes me want to actually throttle and sleeper hold those who commit atrocities against others [like Mugabe and those janjaweed idiots in Sudan for example]. It’s a tough one.


Lastly, I’ll leave you with the intercessions from the Divine Office for First Vespers on this solemnity of All Saints.

With so many witnesses in a great cloud on every side of us, we are encouraged to run steadily in the race we have started. We pray to Christ, for he is the author of our faith, and he will bring it to fulfilment: R: With all the saints we praise and thank you, Lord.

Lord, you chose the apostles to be the foundation of your Church: – keep us faithful to all that you left in their care. R: With all the saints we praise and thank you, Lord.

Your martyrs testified to you, even to the shedding of their blood: – make all Christians faithful witnesses to your word. R: With all the saints we praise and thank you, Lord.

Lord, be with those who have consecrated their lives to you in virginity: – may their hope and generosity be a sign to the world of the glorious life they await at the end of time. R: With all the saints we praise and thank you, Lord.

In the saints you reveal your presence and your care: – as we venerate them, may we be closer to you. R: With all the saints we praise and thank you, Lord.

Welcome our departed brothers and sisters into the company of Mary, Joseph, and all the saints: – through their intercession, grant us a place in your kingdom. R: With all the saints we praise and thank you, Lord.

The Collect for All Saints, First Vespers

Almighty, ever-living God, we are celebrating with joy the triumph of your grace in all the saints. With so vast a multitude praying for us, may we receive from you the fulness of mercy we have always desired. We make our prayer though our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with You in the unity and fellowship of the Holy Ghost; one God, world without end. Amen.

+ Pax,
bf 2240hrs


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