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Ordinary Time 31/Trinity 24 – Monday

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This is a Marian question… There is a preponderance of thought on this following assumption as most Evangelical Protestants argue that Mary did not remain a virgin after giving birth to Christ and that references in Scripture to other brothers and sisters of Jesus are Christ’s actual blood relatives from within his same family of himself, St. Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary. This in contrast to the interpretation of such “brothers and sisters” meaning the cousins of Christ (like St. James, the elder in charge of the early Jerusalem church before he died in a sort of coup) as a number of the church fathers hold, and even some of the reformers too – like Luther, Cranmer and Calvin from what I understand from my own readings of their works.

So then… if Jesus had actual brothers and sisters (born of Mary), why did Christ tell the beloved Apostle John that his own mother was from that moment on to be John’s mother (John 19:25-27)?

If Mary had other children by Joseph and did not remain a virgin after Christ’s birth, wouldn’t that necessarily imply that the other children that she would have had should have taken care of their mother rather than St. John?

Am I the first person to raise that question? I’m sure that a number of the saints who have gone into everlasting life before me have asked that very same question too. Does anyone have a plausible explanation as to why the view of Mary’s perpetual virginity should fail and the alternative view of her having other children by St. Joseph be the correct one?

Personally I stand on the former (Mary’s perpetual virginity) rather than the latter.

+ Pax,
bf 2353hrs


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