New design

Ordinary Time 31/Trinity 24 – Tuesday
Feast (Memoria) of St. Charles Borromeo, bishop (Roman Catholic & Anglo-Catholic Calendar)

New blog design is complete. Decided to change over from my old blog template to this new one. I prefer the darker color that’s featured in it. Grey and black are my kind of “colors”.

There might be some of you who might be wondering which church it is that makes up the header image of the blog and when I took it.

Took the photo when I was in Perth for work purposes in October 2007. I had to go over there to conduct some interviews with my colleagues with clients and on the final morning (Friday) in Perth, I got up early to go for a walk to visit the two cathedrals in the heart of Perth before I was to fly back to Brisbane that morning.

The first was the Roman Catholic Cathedral Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (St. Mary’s Cathedral), which was just down the road from the hotel I was staying at (Miss Maud’s, right in the heart of the Perth CBD). Sadly, the entire Cathedral precinct was walled off with steel fencing as it was (and still is) undergoing restoration and reconstruction. Hopefully the next time I’m in Perth for work and I’m staying at Miss Maud’s again, I’ll be able to make my way down to Victoria Square to take a look at the reconstructed cathedral.

So from Victoria Square, I ended up walking down towards the Swan River and managed to find the Anglican Cathedral Church of St. George (on as you would have it, St. George’s Terrace). It too was closed and I had arrived too early (at about 7 o’clock). Walked on down to the Swan River and got some exercise. Made my way back there around 7:30am and Mattins (morning prayer for those of you not used to ecclesiastical terminology) was to begin at 7:45am in the Soldiers’ Chapel. I snapped the above shot upon first entering St. George’s.

Compared with St. John’s here in Brisbane, St. George’s is tiny. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in character (particularly the red brick that makes up the bulk of the building proper). The shot you see there is taken from the back of the nave looking towards the nave altar with the rood screen, chancel and the High Altar behind it. To the left of the shot, you see the pulpit and on the right, you see the lectern for the proclamation of the Word of God in the shape of an eagle.

At the time St. George’s was also undergoing renovation (particularly to the roof and to the remainder of the precinct). The 8am Eucharist was interesting with the almost deafening sound of jackhammers and bobcats rolling around in the background while we were in the undercroft St. Saviour’s chapel. Ironically, the sound of jackhammers and bobcats stopped just at the end of the Eucharist as the priest was giving the blessing and dismissal.

I might very well alternate the header with one of St. John’s in the future (I have yet to take a good quality photo from the nave of St. John’s towards the chancel). Or I could always use one of the reredos in the Lady Chapel. I’ll see…

+ Pax,
bf 2148hrs


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