Ordinary Time 33/Trinity 26 – Sunday
Feast day of St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland (Anglo-Catholic Calendar)

It’s close to midnight as I write this. Gonna be getting to sleep sometime soon. Youth at Zef & Shihui’s place tonight was good. Am hoping and praying that their new place will be a joyful home for the two of them (and more!) for years to come.


Been feeling down again of late. Work for the past month has been like a blur in a nightmare. Everything happens so quick and I’ve been working late nights to get stuff out the door. I’m looking forward to December now.

But as usual, with feeling down, so comes on my secret fetish for listening to metalcore, mathcore and thrash metal. Been listening to a lot of early Metallica alongside Underoath and Norma Jean of late. I’ve written too much. The bags under my eyes are calling me to hit the sack.

+ Pax,
bf 0000hrs


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