Has it been that long?

Ordinary Time 34/Trinity 27 – Thursday/Friday

Time flies. I’ve been working for the federal government agency now as a member of the Australian Public Service for pretty much eight years now (am just under two months before the eight years is up and I begin my ninth year in public service). That’s eight years since I finished high school.

And in that time, there have been at least two deaths that I’m aware of (maybe three) of those who went to high school with me and graduated in the same year. One of whom passed away not that long ago after apparently committing suicide (which is a depressing thing to hear) and his memorial service was on two days ago (Tuesday).

So it was good to catch up with old mates from my high school days tonight when three of us (Wirry, John & I) met up with Chief tonight at his parents place (and yes, they were there too) for a good ol’ BBQ. With beer and Coca-Cola. Yes, we had sausages. And rissoles. And pork chops with salads which we finished off with some Boston Mudcake and Apple Crumble Baked Cheesecake that I brought along for dessert.

But what I loved about tonight was that sense of familiarity and the ability to chit chat, crack bawdy jokes and have some deep conversation with three other guys that I hung out with for the better part of 5 years at Canterbury. Dinner finished at 8:00pm but we were still talking by the time John & I left at about 10:45pm tonight (Wirry mysteriously disappeared before we started getting onto the topic of “So who’s got a girlfriend now?”).

Sure, we were the geekier bunch at school. Well Wirry, John & I were (acquaintances with everyone until exam time when we mysteriously had more “friends” than we thought we actually did). And Chief and I were the only two “outed” Christians in the entire grade who weren’t afraid of going to the school Christian Fellowship group at lunchtimes even if it meant that we might be heckled (usually in jest and frivolity) by some others. The four of us (along with a few other guys and girls) were the kids in school that weren’t jocks and didn’t really fit into the “cool” or “rebel” groups in our grade. We kinda kept to our own.

And to be honest, it was like lunchtimes again at the picnic desks near the Undercroft and the Seniors Building. Because the four of us still crack similar bawdy jokes, still have similar tastes in music & TV and Chief & I still are able to talk about Christ and church amongst the other two without the other two feeling the slightest bit pressured that we are trying to proselyte them. And that still remains after eight years.

We’re all working now. But after tonight, I think all of us would like to catch up again on a more regular basis given that the last time all of us were together at a BBQ was at least four years ago. I wanna hear more stories about Chief getting hit on while working at the airport by hosties and not even realizing it. Hilarious stuff tonight indeed.

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