NCYC update

Feast of the Epiphany

NCYC so far is a blast. It’s day 3 so far and it appears that I am an honorary Filo for the week I’m here. Thanks for that goes to Joseph (Sep), Josh, Myke, Roda, Larissa (Lace) and Hannah from the Filapino St. Albans Uniting Church. Met a whole bunch of people here at convention including a number of them in my community group “Reconciliation” (which has about 150 guys & gals staying at Wesley College here at Prahran). And apparently according to the guys, I am “peakin” with a certain person while here. You’ll have to wait till I get back to find out what that means if you can’t already work it out yourself.

NCYC delegates this year are huge compared to what I am used to at CMCA-EMP: about 1400 delegates from all states and territories here in Australia plus delegates from Korea (like Sue), Vanuatu (like Roto), New Zealand and a number of other Pacific Island nations (like Samoa, Tonga, Solomon Islands, etc). The only reason I know this is because I ended up being involved in registering delegates on Saturday (thanks to Elza leaving rego at Gennesano for another meeting and leaving me in charge of registering M-P with Elysia).

Sunday night we all had the privilege to witness the ordination of Jai Robinson (I think that was her surname) at the worship service as a Minister of the Word (to preach and preside over the sacraments) in the Uniting Church and in the Church of God. It was a contemporary language ordination that was rather appropriate given that it was conducted at this youth convention. I pray that God will bless Jai’s ministry now and into the future. I worked with her last Friday in finalising up the admin stuff that needed to be done before NCYC began and she is full of enthusiasm and the skill needed for the role of an ordained minister.

Worship service last night led by the United Aboriginal & Islander Congress was an experience in itself. The indigenous peoples of this country know how to do worship in a big way.

The submersion today for me wasn’t successful, but I now know how people who do surveys and door-to-door sales feel now after being knocked back. Public rally at Federation Square tonight was utterly mad. Shane Claiborne was inspirational and challenging (did get some video of him that I might upload to Youtube when I get back).

The bands at Nightlife each night have been utterly good. Well apart from “Raise” which I haven’t really been impressed with. “Scat” and “Jess & T.E.D. band” have been real standouts (the best part is that they’re both Brissie bands). I’m coming back with their CD’s in tow.

Hoping now that my voice will hold up these last few days. Been drinking a lot of water and will be sleeping relatively early each night. Now got to go. Am using Sep’s netbook to access the net and Josh has dibs on it after me.

Back in Brissie again next Tuesday night. Can’t wait but will be sad to leave Melbourne. I’ve met some great people here and I hope that I’ll be able to keep in contact with them in the future until NCYC2011 which will be held on the Gold Coast.

+ Pax,
bf 2254hrs


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