On the verge of Brisbane

Ordinary Time 1 – Monday

It’s almost over. My time in Melbourne is almost over. I am on the verge of returning to ‘normalcy’ tomorrow night just as last Thursday I and a whole bunch of NCYC delegates were on the verge of returning to our normal lives.

Today I bade farewell to two of my hosts here in Melbourne over the last two weeks. The first is Elysia as she makes her way back to Canberra as I type by plane. It’s been an absolute blast catching up with her over the last week and a half both here at her parents house as well as at NCYC09. To talk candidly about struggles in life and items that both of us have in common. And also to Uncle Brian as he heads off to Adelaide to visit his mother.

Tomorrow I’ll bid adieu to Aunty Dorcas and Elza my other two hosts who have been family friends for a long, long time. It’s been good catching up after 16 years of not really doing so.

Things I won’t miss about Melbourne? The weather. Freezing still today but tomorrow will be a toasty 37 degrees Celsius. BUT, it’s certainly a lot more cooler than Brissie.

Things I will miss about Melbourne? All the people I’ve met from this place at NCYC (Eunike, Sarah, Sep, Josh, Lace, Roda, Hannah & Myke). Not only them, but others who came from all over the place. I will miss the long twilight period at night so that at 9pm there is still natural light (dammit, why can’t Brisbane have daylight savings time!).

I will miss that mountaintop experience of NCYC. I will miss seeing my old stomping grounds again (walked around Westfield Doncaster on Saturday and man it’s huge now compared to 16 years ago). I will miss that innate sense of style that Melbourne has over Brisbane.

I will miss the hospitality here of my hosts and will miss talking face-to-face to two gals who are like long-lost older and younger sisters to me (though MSN, Facebook and mobiles help in that dept).

It’s all a bit sad atm but I’m lookin’ forward to sleeping in my own bed come tomorrow night. Then the unpacking and the pics/video uploading will begin on Wednesday. And so will the getting back into routine again before work begins next Monday.

And to think that EMP has the CNY program as well the Saturday before Australia Day which may not have as many items in the program for 24/1 as we would usually expect because it’s so early this year. Oy, oy, oy… 2009 already looks frenetic enough.

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