Back at home

Ordinary Time 1 – Tuesday
Feast of St. Hilary of Poitiers, bishop & teacher (died A.D. 367)

I’m back at home now. It feels a little weird actually. Getting used to the thought that I’m going to be sleeping in my own bed tonight after sleeping for 1 week in a guest room bed and the other week on a carpeted floor at Wesley College.

The flight on Tiger Airways (TT506) was uneventful – a good thing. Was a bit sad to be saying goodbye to Aunty Dorcas as well as Elza this arvo, but the next time we meet up, it hopefully won’t be in 16 years time. So after departing Tullamarine at 6:40pm tonight, I landed a couple of hours later at Coolangatta Airport.

Drive home with parents being my chauffeurs, call to Ah Ma back in Malaysia to let her know that I’m back in one piece and then another phone call to Erin that I promised that I would make after I got back to Brisbane to check up on how she is and now I’m sitting here in front of my computer (despite saying to myself that I wouldn’t) dumping the pics from the trip to Melb pre- & post-NCYC along with the pics and videos from NCYC from various memory cards to my 1TB external HDD.

Taking forever, but I figure I’m going to have about 2.1GB of stuff to resize in the morning. Fun, fun, fun. But it actually will be because I’ll end up recalling the blast of a time I had just only last week.

Time just goes by too quickly.

+ bf 2338hrs


One thought on “Back at home”

  1. Sounds like you had a great trip! I’m glad for you. I hope you have a chance to rest up from your travels before its back to work!


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