Lifeline Bookfest

Ordinary Time 2/Epiphany 2 – Thursday
Feast of St. Vincent, deacon & martyr (d. 304) 

Finally back home after a long day. Just got home from Chinese New Year P&W practice where I’m songleading. Now I need to get my pinyin charts ready before Saturday night otherwise I’m going to look like an idiot with not being able to sing the CNY songs.

Apart from that, my team farewelled Jeff (one of the oldies) today as he retired from public service. Before that, we all were working away at our jobs like usual. But in the afternoon, it was pretty much over. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Jeff put on a bar tab at St. Paul’s Tavern, Spring Hill. I took half the day off from work (needed to anyway, my flex balance is getting high again). So I downed a pint or two, had something to eat from the selection of nibbles there and caught up with some work colleagues that I hadn’t seen since last year. And then came the farewell and best wishes to Jeff as he’s been one helluva mentor to me at work with both tax technical issues and just life in general. The team isn’t gonna be the same anymore with him gone. Looking forward to catching up with him at the next social function that we put on (prolly at the end of financial year team lunch).

After Jeff’s farewell, I headed off to the Lifeline Bookfest at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. It’s already quite late in the Bookfest given that it’s been on since last Saturday but hot dang, I found some very good bargains there.

Like some old, but still quality leather Bibles from Oxford and Cambridge Bibles that I picked up for $3 (Oxford/Cambrdige New English Bible w/Apocrypha Pocket Edition) and $2.50 (The New Oxford Pictorial Edition KJV). They’re both in fair to good condition and definitely usable. The binding on these is still quite tight in most places. Even better, the NEB Pocket Edition has art-gilt pages (red edges covered with gold gilt) – tres nice.

Got quite a few old hymnals there too. Most in very good to almost mint condition. Like a leather bound “Hymns Ancient & Modern” for $5, a 1933 (or somewhere around then) hardcover edition of “The English Hymnal” for $5, an almost mint leather bound “Methodist Hymnal” for $6 (in its original box) and “The Australian Hymn Book w/ Catholic Supplement” (with full music notation) for $3!!!

Best of all were the rest of the books. Given Brisbane is, Anglican-wise, a fairly Anglo-Catholic diocese, there were lots and lots of old Anglo-Catholic books available for dirt cheap. Like “A Manual of Catholic Devotion for Members of the Church of England (7th edition)” which was $2 and the little devotional book “Before the Altar” for $1.50. And the list goes on:

  • Williston Walker’s “A History of the Christian Church (revised British Edition, 1959)” for $6;
  • Claude Moss’ “The Christian Faith – An introduction to Dogmatic Theology” for a primarily Anglican view of doctrine for $5;
  • M.M. Philipon’s “The Sacraments in the Christian Life” for $2.50;
  • Dom Gregory Dix’s classic on the liturgy, “The Shape of the Liturgy, 2nd edn, 1978 reprint” that is in very, very, very, very good condition for $9.50;
  • G.J. Cuming’s “A History of Anglican Liturgy” for $7;
  • “The Cathedral Prayer Book, Being the Book of Common Prayer with the Music Necessary for the Use of Choirs, Together with the Canticles and Psalter, Pointed for Chanting and Set to Appropriate Chants”, edited by the great Sir John Stainer & William Russell, quite an old edition, probably from the 1920’s that is in rough shape but the binding is still good, that was $4;
  • A virtually mint edition of “The Proposed Book of Common Prayer” that was proposed at The Episcopal Church’s General Convention of 1976, printed in 1977 by Kingsport Press, Kingsport TN for $3;
  • “The Prayer Book as Proposed in 1928”, published by SPCK in 1928 (or thereabouts), printed by Cambridge University Press in quite good condition with library binding for $4;
  • “Corpus Christi: Essays on The Church and the Eucharist” by E.L. Mascall, printed in 1957 in very fine condition for $2;
  • “An Outline of Christian Worsihp: Its Developments and Forms” by William D. Maxwell, printed 1958 by Oxford University Press and in quite good condition for $4;
  • “The Prayer-Book: It’s History, Language, and Contents” by Evan Daniel, 26th edn., 1948 again in very good condition for $3;
  • “An Introduction to The History of the Church of England: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day” by Henry Offley Wakeman, 1927 in a fairly loose binding cover-wise, but the inside is still solid for $4;
  • “The Glenstal Bible Missal – Australian Edition”, translated by the Benedictine monks of Glenstal Abbey, in near new condition and with all 4 ribbons still in place for $8; and
  • Here’s the biggie for me, “Lauds, Vespers and Compline in English” prepared by the staff of Liturgical Press in 1965 just as Vatican II ended. This edition is in almost new condition with the binding coming off slightly on the first page and was the biggest find of my day. That’s given that it is one of the first translations of the new breviary/Liturgy of the Hours that was undertaken immediately after Vatican II and the last time I saw an eBay auction on a similar volume, it sold for well above US$30 (then again, that was a while ago). I scored it for $4. Bargain.

And that was only scouring the “High Quality” and “Priced to Clear” sections. Lord knows what I’d have found if I went to the “Unpriced” section. Maybe I’ll use up more flex tomorrow afternoon given that it’s rather quiet at work currently…

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