Music and intelligence

Feast of the Annunciation

I stumbled across this today. The link in there to the real website is even better. It’s great. Hilarious even. Until I see the artists in question. It’s even better given that correlation does not necessarily equate to causation.

But given my wide ranging musical listening interests, does that mean that because I span virtually the entire SAT scoreline (if I was in the US-of-A) from 946 (Jazz) to 1371 (Beethoven) – my “average” SAT score (a badly calculated one that probably wouldn’t be valid statistically, if I tot up the two SAT scores of the artists/genres that I do listen to at the lowest and highest ends and divide by two) is 1158 (Beck, who happens to be a favorite artist of mine)?

Given that I’m also a big reader, this is right up my alley too. But again, that means that I would have an SAT score somewhere between 909 (The Holy Bible) and 1317 (Lolita) – an “average” SAT (calculated in the same way above) of 1113 (Anna Karenina, which is a bloody good book).

Hilarious stuff. Virgil rocks.

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