Tuesday in the Easter Octave

I won an auction on eBay the other day for something I’ve been looking for over the last 4 years.

Haruki Murakami - Norwegian Wood (Japanese edition)

It arrived today from Japan (very quick turnaround indeed from Nara to Brisbane). Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood, translated by Alfred Birnbaum into English as part of Kodansha’s English Library. Am looking forward to seeing how it differs from Jay Rubin’s “official” translation as published by Harvill/Vintage. They are two teensy, eensy, weeny books which look far larger in the photo above than they actually are in real life. In one sense, my Haruki Murakami collection nears completion now with only two real volumes of his work in English translation missing now (Pinball 1973 and Hear The Wind Sing).

In real life, each volume measures about 10.5cm across by almost 15 cm high and 1.5cm deep. It’s in quite condition for used copies but the binding remains good, text is clean and only a few pages have been creased at the corners. The paper is becoming a pleasant hue of yellow now after a number of years in the hands and shelf of its former owner. The Japanese know how to bind their books well, irrespective of it being a hardcover or trade paperbacks like these two volumes are (indeed, even genuine leather editions of The Message: Numbered are printed in Japan [though bound in Hong Kong] with a much higher quality than what other Bible publishers put out these days).


I’m choosing songs for this Sunday’s worship service given that I’m songleading again this week (after songleading at the Easter Sunday service). I seem to keep getting challenging Scripture passages in the weeks that I’m rostered on. Whether that’s deliberate or otherwise, I don’t know. What it does mean is that it keeps challenging me to find applications for songs and to see how old ones can potentially be linked into the overall theme for the week. Blardy frustrating at times, but it’s good to be kept on one’s toes every now and again.

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