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First Tuesday after Pentecost Sunday

Regular readers of this pathetic excuse of a blog (=P) would know that Michael Spencer’s posts give me a lot to chew on.

“Intelligent, honest, searching evangelicalism” is how I’d describe his writing.

Those of you from EMP’s MYF Bible Study group who see this entry, you may want to read these posts after you have finished cramming for your end of semester 1 exams.

More posts of his that warrant your reading (and my re-reading):

Another One Gets Off the Evangelical Bus: Thoughts on A De-Conversion

Ten Guidelines for Interpreting the Gospels

On Being Too God-Centered

What God Has Joined Together: A Study of Grace and Discipleship In The Teaching of Jesus

Open Mic at the iMonk Cafe: Stories of Science/Faith Resolution

Liturgical Gangstas 12: Worship and Evangelism

Adjectives and Calvinists: A Killer Combination (a great commentary given that May contained the anniversary of Calvin’s death)

iMonk 101: Do You Trust The Abbreviated Jesus?

The Jesus Disconnect Series

The Jesus Disconnect (1): What and Why?

The Jesus Disconnect (2): How does the ministry of Jesus fit into our consideration of Jesus?

The Jesus Disconnect (3): Kingdom, Discipleship and Cross

The Jesus Disconnect (4): Paul and J.C. Ryle On Justification, Christian Growth And Christlikeness

The Jesus Disconnect (5): The Processes of Discipleship

And last, but not least, I love some of his ideas for new books to write (plus the comments too):

A Few Book Ideas I’m Working On

His sense of humor is the sort I just “get”.

I know I’d definitely buy “I’m Sick Of All This Purpose Driven Crap” and “Jesus Wants You Rich! And Driving A Porsche! With Two Hot Blonds Inside!

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