Rough patch

Ordinary Time 13/Trinity 3 – Tuesday

Going through some rough patches at the moment. Work is keeping my mind ticking instead of mulling over stuff (mercifully).

The bright spot for today? Well, apart from the A$90 million Oz Lotto draw (which I don’t think I even won Division 7 in given I bought a tiny mini quickpick just for the heck of it, like at least 50% of the nation today). My lectionary for 2010 arrived today from the UK (it’s the first item on the page). So yay for that.

And St. Paul’s managed to get in some more Merton material so I now have the 7th volume of the HarperCollins paperback edition of his journals (“The Other Side of the Mountain: The End of the Journey”), the New Directions publication called “The Asian Journal” (which forms part of the 7th volume of journals published by HarperCollins) and Merton’s musings on the Eucharist and its relationship to and with human life and existence, entitled “The Living Bread”.

I only wish I picked up Merton’s thoughts on the hymnbook of Scripture, the Psalms entitled “Bread In The Wilderness” as well. Another day.

The same goes with the other volumes of Merton’s journals that I am lacking currently (i.e. Vols. 1, 4, 5 and 6) but which St. Paul’s didn’t have in stock at all. 😦

Now, I just can’t wait for tomorrow, “hump day”, to be over with (as we in the office affectionately term Wednesdays). Hopefully it won’t be too draggy (I have three meetings to be involved with, each lined up one after the other). That should take me to the end of the day rather quickly. After that, it’s down the hill to the weekend again (where for once, I will actually be sociable and head out for a lunch with work friends on Sunday after service). Maybe this weekend won’t be something that I usually dread.

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