Thoughts on ‘church’

Ordinary Time 14/Trinity 4 – Sunday

Yes, it’s Sunday already according to the church year as I post this (even though it’s still 10:55pm Saturday night as I type).

Bryan’s got a series of posts on why he and his wife Heather have found themselves on what’s been termed as the “Canterbury Trail”.

Here’s a whole bunch of videos (if you click the link) on what Anglicanism is all about (HT: Bryan).

Click here to watch those videos

The second video on Anglican distinctives is the best one from my viewing and sums up why on God’s green earth I identify myself primarily as an Anglican rather than Methodist. The ones on the BCP and Liturgy float my boat too. The last video very much resounds with who I am as well. Seems like those of us who identify as Anglicans seem to have similar reasons as to why we are the way we are.

Thoughts on these vids to come soon. Now I need sleep. This week has left me beat. Mentally and physically. X-Þ

+ 2316hrs


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