Daily Aphorism

Ordinary Time 16/Trinity 6 – Thursday

On the mend. Slowly.

Mood is starting to normalize and even move upwards, though I fear that the upcoming weekend may send me back down again.

Lord, have mercy…

Samuel Beckett - Daily Aphorism #23
Samuel Beckett – Daily Aphorism #23

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+ 1954hrs

edit (2124hrs): I have noticed a rather quaint absurdity that is hilariously ironic in the June 2009 issue of GQ (the US edition that is, we get it a month late here in Australia due to seaborne shipping). And yes, I do read GQ (US and Australian editions though every now and again I will flick through the UK/Eire edition when I can find it). Just that of late it has been off and on. If you want to call me a metrosexual for doing so, so be it. Couldn’t really care less about that.

On the front cover (apart from the Christian Bale shot), in the center-left of the cover there is a headline that one of the stories is called “A MAN’S GUIDE TO CALORIES > How To Manage, Reduce, and (Occasionally) Ignore Them”. And then on the opposite side of the cover, slightly higher up from the center is the headline for another story: “AMERICAN PIE: THE 25 BEST PIZZAS ON EARTH”.

Given that I need to shed about 20-25% of my current weight to get to a rather svelte(-ish) 80-85kgs (for me that’s svelte-ish), the former story is something I needed to read. The latter wasn’t.

Because dammit, now I want to fly to Chicago, IL and try the Mortadella pie at Great Lake.

And the Margherita with prosciutto at Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, AZ.

And the Spinach-and-mushroom (topped with feta) pizza at Bob & Timmy’s in Providence, RI.

And “The Grandma” at Tomato Pie in Los Angeles, CA.

And the “Clam pie” at Tarry Lodge in Port Chester, NY.

And the grilled pizza with roasted eggplant at Al Forno in Providence, RI.

And the pepperoni pie at Tomatoes Apizza in Farmington Hills, MI.

And finally, I’m damn curious about the “Zucca pie” at Osteria in Philadelphia, PA. Squash, raisins and toasted pine nuts on a thin crust topped with some mozzarella. Say what?!? Now that is something I gotta try at least once in my life.


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