Two weddings down, one more to go

Ordinary Time 20/Trinity 10 – Sunday eve

That’s two weddings in as many weeks that I’ve been to. Last week was Eddie & Audrey’s. Today was Chucky and Vonny’s.

In relation to the former wedding, I’ve been Youtubed. This is the vid of me singing (“When You Say You Love Me” by Josh Groban, from his Closer album) during the signing of the paperwork by Eddie & Audrey, the legal witnesses and the celebrant, Rev. Fitzsimmons.

Today though, it was good to be at St. Paul’s Presbyterian in Spring Hill for Chucky & Vonny’s wedding. It’s such a beautiful old Presbyterian church that is still in remarkably good nick. The service itself was rather short, about 50 minutes before we all retired outside for the obligatory photos and then afternoon tea in the church hall next door.

Now only one more wedding to go for the year. Nick & Lou’s. That should be another good one.

Makes me wonder if I’ll ever get a chance to experience what these fella’s have (sans the crying of joy during the vows, like Chucky today).

But knowing me and God’s sense of humor, I’ll end up remaining single. I mean, God knows how many times I’ve been the wedding singer before, but unlike Robbie, there will be no Julia at the end of it all for me. Makes me wonder whether I should put a deposit down on this (in black) now, abandon everything I have and find a nice field somewhere out in the country. There’s something rather romantic about that notion.

Or another (actually serious) notion of going on a pilgrimage via the Way of St. James to Santiago de Compostela in 2011 (and maybe going for World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid before or after it).

Mother of God, pray for me.

Saint James, pray for me.

All Christ’s faithful, pray for me.

+ 2046hrs


2 thoughts on “Two weddings down, one more to go”

  1. But knowing me and God’s sense of humor, I’ll end up remaining single.

    or God’s sense of humour might turn on you, by doing some reverse psychology on you and then actually hooking you up with some hot chickadee when you don’t expect it and then you won’t be single. NAICE! pretty sure God will still be laughing both ways.

  2. Oh stop being so negative! of course you’ll get to experience what those fellas felt at the altar.

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