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Frank Sinatra - "Seduction: Sinatra Sings of Love"
Frank Sinatra - "Seduction: Sinatra Sings of Love"

I know Nick  & Louise probably won’t read this post, but I think everyone at CMCA-EMP wishes them all the very best wishes upon their marriage that was held yesterday.

For once there was some variation in the marriage service yesterday (liturgy is not supposed to constrain creativity for reverence, it is supposed to foster creativity and reverence in the corporate worship of the Body of Christ).

Both sets of parents stepped up to “give this man/woman” away to be wed in Holy Matrimony. A nice touch of egalitarianism and equality between the sexes in the service yesterday. And I can hear complementarians wondering how that could happen in a service…

Two busloads of interstaters (or as Timmy would call them, “Mexicans” from NSW and Victoria) crossed the border for this wedding. And we saw two busloads actually arrive in the church car park. Crazy. Not small busloads. But the big 50-55 seater buses.

The reception was at the Sofitel on Turbot St, Brisbane at night. It felt like going to work to be brutally honest. I got there at about 5:20pm and was walking through Central Station to get up to the Sofitel after parking at the BCC Wickham Terrace car park. Instead of going up the elevators, if I had gone to the escalators going down to Ann St, heck, I would have been walking to work.

As for the reception… Grand Ballroom, baby. Grand Ballroom. I think 34 tables in total. Each table had at least 9 people (I think) on it. So 300+ people all up.

Best part of the night, watching and hearing Pen run out of breath multiple times in the “YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMM” part of the traditional wedding “Yum Sing” toast to the bride and groom. And not only on our table, but on another table that he, Huaiky and I got drafted to (table 33 with the other YAG-ers). I just heard “YAHHHHHHHHHHHH” *breath* “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH” *breath* “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH” *breath* “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHMMMMMMM” *breath* “SIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!”

Closely followed by Zef’s “SIIIIIIIING” on table 11’s turn which ended a full second after everyone else had finished their toast. Nice work Zef.

Worst part? Getting home at midnight after waiting around for the last song to play before deconstructing the audio system and passing it along to Fong to take back to church. Other worst part? Not having someone else by my side there. Well, to be specific, a particular woman as a date, but such is life. 😦 Plus also a few of the aunties asking me when it was my turn to get married… and why I hadn’t brought along a date. Pardon my French here (even if it is in abbreviated form), but F.F.S. it’s bad enough being at a wedding without a date without having someone ask you about why you haven’t got one.


On that very topic of dates… one of the letters in the Friday, 4 September 2009 edition of MX was not written by me, though I definitely echo the writer’s sentiments. Here’s what he wrote:

ALPHA MALE: To always single (mX, Wed), I get the same from girls who don’t look twice at me. I’m told I’m an intelligent handsome 25-year old man, but still no luck. Any honest girls in Brissy who want a great man, come and get me. And no. I’m not up myself. – Honest bloke.

I’m seriously thinking about losing a few brain cells because it seems like most girls these days are looking for a dumbass (with the exception of the close female friends I know who are hitched up with close guy friends of mine, they actually made good choices of guys who aren’t dumbasses).

I told this to a very close friend of mine at work a few days ago and she nearly slapped me for even contemplating dumping my intellectual side. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t have minded if that female friend had slapped me… 🙂 And another one of my friends at work said the same thing. Though I think that was also partly because if that happened she’d have had one less person to make intellectual small-talk and jokes with at work (plus one less buddy to go on nori runs with too).

I give myself another 5 years (maybe 7 if I decide to stretch it). If no-one comes along that I fancy (and which doesn’t have any issues that arise, like age differences that may cause problems with people asking both of why we’re together; by that I mean she being older than me), I’m seriously going to consider having myself neutered like Origen apparently did.  And then giving my life over to being a religious brother.

And on the issue of being a wedding singer (Simey, this is for you mate)… I quit.

If I am going to sing a romantic song for anyone, it will be for my future fiancee (if she really is out there somewhere on God’s green earth). As much as I do enjoy singing at weddings for close friends, on a pragmatic level it isn’t helping my romantic life out at all. On a singing note however, I am considering selling my soul to one of the Devil’s agents next year (i.e. Channel ten). If the damn program is even on TV still next year. Maybe. Just maybe.

I fully expect to be rejected however at the audition. As you can tell, I have high self-confidence, high self-esteem and high hopes for myself.

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One thought on “Congrats”

  1. hey b, thank you so much for taking over pen’s role at the reception. blame me, i had to leave early for a 4:30am start on a #$@%# Sunday.

    P.S I’m glad we got you before you quit the wedding singer business. Hahaha. :p

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