Interesting thoughts on priesthood

Ordinary Time 24/Trinity 14 – Sunday

This website (while done by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane) is quite thought provoking. Quo vadis? (Where are you going?)

The following videos below, are even better.

I have had the chance to speak with Monsignor Anthony Randazzo briefly in St. Paul’s Book Centre on Elizabeth St. Just after he arrived back from time in Rome serving in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (if I heard Heather correctly when she introduced me to him).

He did ask me why I wanted to study theology (I think that day I had in my hand a tome on Pastoral Theology; Justin Lewis-Anthony’s If You Meet George Herbert on the Road, Kill Him). To serve God and provide an intellectual challenge. The smile on his face indicated that I might have given a good answer.

And when he found out that I described myself as an Anglo-Catholic, he did ask the question to me “What’s stopping you about becoming Catholic?”. A few issues mainly about Papal infallibility and the ability of the Pope to dogmatically define doctrine being the main sticking point.

Nice bloke and I’m sure he’ll be a great rector of the Brisbane Archdiocese’s Holy Spirit Seminary for years to come.

Here’s his story on what led him to becoming an ordained bloke, a priest. Of his own sense of ‘the call’ which I am still discerning day by day.



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